We have general gunsmithing services available

For your convenience, Lock’s Gun Shop has its own in house gunsmithing that offers a plethora of servicing options for their customers. Everything from general labor to handgun work, we can take care of your requests. For additional information or   questions, please contact us!

FFL Transfers

We make gun transferring very simple and fast.

Lock’s Gun shop will help you transfer your new or used firearm as quickly and easily as possible, even if you didn’t purchase it from us. Firearm transfers are done business hours. You don’t need an appointment to make a gun transfer. We will help you complete all the necessary paperwork and conduct any background checks that are required by law.

Gun Consignment

Let us put your gun on display for a quick sale.

Let us get you the most money for your gun but you have to wait until the gun is sold to receive payment. Our consignments run for 60 days.

Gun Storage

We provide short and long term firearm storage for your customers.

Don’t have a gun safe yet? Are you traveling for a long period away from your firearms? Don’t worry we are able to provide you with the stress free storage service.

Local & Non-Resident Hunting License

We sell PA hunting licenses.

Looking for a local place to pick up your hunting license, while loading up on ammo and having your rifle tuned up? We are your local choice for anything regarding hunting. We also sell non-resident licenses as well.